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An interview with Sanda Champion, Wu Xiong presents: An interview with Wu Xiong, China National Sanda Team Athlete – Gold medallist at Sanda World Cup and World of Sanda Championships – filmed in Xian, summer 2016.

Male Taijijian at the 12th world wushu championships, Malaysia

Highlights of DAY 1 of the 12th World Wushu Championships
Male Taijijian (Tai Chi Sword)

Day 1 Sanda highlights of the 12th world wushu championships

Highlights of DAY 1 of the 12th World Wushu Championships
Sanda (first rounds)

Male Nanquan highlights of the 12th World Wushu Championships

Highlights of DAY 1 of the 12th World Wushu Championships
Male Nanquan (southern fist)

Lady White Snake – cartoon

What fate awaits a thousand-year-old white snake that travels from its sacred mountain to the human world, only to fall in love with a mortal? Such is the unusual beginning of this tragic llove story, one of the most popular in all of Chinese opera. Lady White’s marriage and selfless devotion to her beloved husband Xu Xian is considered by Fahai—the abbot of a nearby temple—as heresy and an abomination. Fahai attempts to separate the couple, and in a spectacular battle, Lady White Snake musters all her powers to remain with her husband. Although our heroine prevails in the end, time is sadly not on her side.

The World Wushu Championships 2011

Watch some highlights of the European Wushu Championships 2011. performances of nanquan, changquan and taijiquan and sanda.

Adventures of Monkey King 3

Great were the sins of Monkey King as he created havoc in heaven and fair was the punishment pinned on him at the foot of Five-Finger Mountain. Is our legendary creature ready to embrace a teachable spirit when grace comes his way and gives him a second chance? As part of the redemptive plan, Monkey King is called to escort an important mission to ensure its safety and success. Mingled with fables and beliefs, this episode of Monkey King takes us on an adventurous and action-packed journey to the West.


Watch the highlights of the SAN DA CHALLENGE in Colchester on the 27th May 2012.
Paul Su V Ahmed Khan (under 60kg)

Sam Robert V Osama Elakrae (under 70kg)

Eugene Hadlow V Steven Keen (under 75kg)

Alexander Niazi V Shane Fuller (under 75kg)

Tyrone Williams V Steven Andrews (under 85kg)

Kristian Andonov V Adam Ibrahim (under 85kg)

Ross Riching V Mark Fuller (under 90kg)

Qigong @ The Alan Winner Academy – lesson 1

Qigong – lesson 1. Presented by: Sifu Alan Winner. Become part of a class at The Academy and learn about the force of Qigong through simple breathing exercises. Suitable for all levels.