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The best of Nandao and Nangun 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: highlights of the World and European Nangun and Nandao events – 2013/2014.

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An interview with Korea’s Wushu Champion, Seungjae Cho

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Seungjae Cho from Korea Wushu Team at the World Wushu Championships, Malaysia 2013

An interview with World Wushu Champion, Chu Chi Wai (MAC)

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Chu Chi Wai from Macao, World Wushu Champion – gold medallist 2011, bronze medallist 2013

Male Jianshu highlights of the European Wushu Championships, 2014

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the Male Jianshu event at the European Wushu Championships (straight sword) Bucharest 2014.

Ranking: 1. Andrey Soloviev (RUS), 2. Dmytro Panasiuk (UKR), 3. John Nun Tang (NL), 4. Sam Mak (GB), 5 Pavel Muratov (RUS)

British Sanda Fight Night 7 March 2015 Highlights

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the British Sanda Fight Night for British, European and World title. 7 March 2015 – BCCMA

An interview with World Wushu Champ, Geng Xiao Ling (HKG)

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Geng Xiao Ling (HKG) World Wushu Champion 2009, 2011, 2013 and a look at the Hong Kong Wushu Team training.

The best of European Sanda 2014

The best of Sanda at the European Wushu Championships, Bucharest 2014

European Wushu Championships Opening Ceremony

Wushu Sport presents: Demonstration by Chinese Athletes at the Opening Ceremony of European Wushu Championships, Bucharest 2014.
Music: I Love Tai Chi by Sifu Long Fei

An interview with Taiji World Champion, Zhuang Jiahong (HKG)

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Zhuang Jiahong from the Hong Kong Wushu Team, 17 years old. Gold medal winner at the World Junior Wushu Championships, Turkey/2014 and the World Taijiquan Championships, Sichuan/2014.
More info on the Hong Kong Wushu Team here.
This interview was filmed at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, December 2014