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An interview with Taiji Champion, Abigail Man

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Abigail Man from the Netherlands
Gold medallist at the European Youth Wushu Championships, 2014

18+ Male Daoshu, EC 2014 presents: the Male optional daoshu highlights of the 2014 EWuF European Wushu Championships, Bucharest.
Music: Sifu Alan Winner, Editing: Salie Lewi

Results, top 3:

    1. Vladimir Maksimov (RUS), score: 9.7
    2. Semion Udelov (RUS), score: 9.54
    3. Léo Benouaich (FRA), score: 9.51

Full results can be viewed HERE

A practice session with the Xian Sanda Team

Wushu Sport TV was invited to film the Sanda training sessions of the Shaanxi First Team and the China National Sanda Team.

Interview with Zhang Genxue, 2014

Zhang Genxue has coached and trained over 100 world champions in Wushu Sanda.

China National and Xian first Team

Look out for more action from the China National and First teams and an interview with their head coach, Zhang Genxue

Female Jianshu at The European Wushu Championships

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the Female Jianshu at the European Wushu Championships, 2014

This is Sanda

Wushu Sport presents: “Sanda” highlights of the European and World Wushu Championships 2013-2014

An interview with youngest athlete, Anna Jerabkova

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Anna Jerabkova from Czeck Republic, the youngest athlete at the European Wushu Championships, 2014

Female Sanda highlights, 15th European Wushu Championships

Female Sanda highlights at the European Wushu Championships, 2014