Henan Taolu Team

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The Henan Junior Team edited by Katie B-N, 15 years old

wushusport.tv presents: A special Henan Junior Team edit by Katie B-N, 15 years old – London

Henan Duilian Team Practice 2016

Part of wushusport.tv china coverage 2016 The Henan Duilian Team in action

An interview with Henan Team Head Coach, Nie Jiang Guo

wushusport.tv is proud to interview one of the best taolu coaches in China, Shifu Nie Jiang Guo, head coach of the Henan 1st team.

The Henan Wushu Team in training 2016

The Henan Taolu Team in training 2016 in Zhengzhou, China interview with coaches and athletes coming up soon.