Wushu Sport interviews all the top athletes, coaches and officials

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interview with World Sanda Champion, Meng Xin CHN

As part’s coverage of the Shaanxi Sanshou team, we are proud to present an interview with this amazing athlete. Meng Xin is gold medallist in the 7th World Sanda Cup and 12th World Wushu Championships. She truly embodies the spirit of Wushu. She disciplined, positive, free giving and an amazing athlete.

An interview with Henan Wushu Athlete, Wang Fu Rong

This is part of the’s coverage of China’s professional teams in training summer 2016

Interview with Shaanxi First Team Sanda coach, Bi Ye

Part of the summer coverage of the Shaanxi First Team in training 2016.  

An interview with Zhao Yang Yang, Henan Woman’s team coach

An interview with Zhao Yang Yang, the woman’s taolu team coach and former athlete of the Henan Wushu Team.

European Athletes training with the Shaanxi first team strongly believes that traveling and training with the best is always rewarding and helps the individual move forward in the sport or in anything they love. An interview with 2 european athletes training among the best in the world in Xian, China.

An interview with Sanda world champion, Xu Jia Heng presents: an interview with sanda world champion, Xu Jia Heng as part of the 2016 Xian coverage.

An interview with Yuen Ka Ying from Hong Kong team. presents: an interview with Yuen Ka Ying from Hong Kong team at the Hong Kong Sports Institute. Silver (Duilian), Bronze (Nandao) 12th WWC Malaysia

The Macao Wushu Team in training presents: The Macao Wushu Team in training Taolu and Sanda. With comments by Athletes: Jia Rui, Li Yi, Chu Chi Wai and Sanda Coach: Wang Chuan Le Filmed at the Macao Wushu Training hall in Macao, China December 2014

An interview with Macao Athlete, Li Yi presents: An interview with Li Yi from Macao Wushu Team, silver medallist, World Championships 2013 and Asia Games 2014