Wushu Sport interviews all the top athletes, coaches and officials

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Interviews with China National Sanda Team athletes, Zhang Kun and Li Kang

Interviews with World Champions, Zhang Kun and Li Kang. The China National Sanda Team is based in Xi’an until the next international championship.

An interview with Daria Tarasova, PART 2

Part 2: An interview with the best of the best, Daria Tarasova from Russian Federation, 19 times European Champion and 2 times World Champion.

An interview with Liu Tao and The Hong Kong Wushu Team

An interview with head coach Liu Tao and the Hong Kong Wushu Team in training, featuring Geng Xiao Ling, Yuen Kaying and Zhuang Jiahong at the Hong Kong Sports Institute Wushu Department – December 2014

Zheng Shaoyi from China, Gunshu World Champion, 2013

Wushu Sport presents: Zheng Shaoyi from China, Gunshu Gold Medal performance at the 12th World Wushu Championships, 2013

An interview with Sanda Champion, Wu Xiong presents: An interview with Wu Xiong, China National Sanda Team Athlete – Gold medallist at Sanda World Cup and World of Sanda Championships – filmed in Xian, summer 2016.

An interview with 3 female National Sanda Team Athletes

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with 3 of the best Female Sanda fighters in the world; Zhang Luan, Li Zhi Qin and Zhu Ge Cheng Xue Athletes from the China National Sanda Team

An interview with Sanda Champion, Alice Cordonnier

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with European Sanda Champion, Alice Cordonnier – FRA

An interview with Macao Athlete, Li Yi presents: An interview with Li Yi from Macao Wushu Team, silver medallist, World Championships 2013 and Asia Games 2014

Interview with Hisham Abdel Hamid (EGY)

Wushu Sport presents: an interview with Egypt’s Sanda champion, Hisham Abdel Hamid at the 12th World Wushu Championships – silver medallist