Shaanxi Sanda First Team

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A session with China National Sanda Coach, Zhang Fei – 2016

Zhang Fei is now the China National Sanda coach. Here he is coaching Throws, Hand and Leg techniques to the Shaanxi First team in Xian, China  

The Shaanxi Sanda First Team, 2016 coverage

Some of the best sanda fighters in the world: the Shaanxi First team in training – Xian, China. Part of a new collection of wushu videos filmed on location in Xian and Henan China. Featuring: China National Coach: Zhang Fei, Shaanxi First Team Coach: Bi Ye, World Champions: Zhang Kun, Meng Xin, Wu Xiong, Xu Jia… Read more »

Shaanxi First Team training and interviews

Interviews with 3 of the great fighters in Sanda: Liu Jia Chen (CHN), Li Wei Loong (MAS) and Gu Kang (CHN) And the Shaanxi First Team in training, Xi’an, China

A practice session with the Xian Sanda Team

Wushu Sport TV was invited to film the Sanda training sessions of the Shaanxi First Team and the China National Sanda Team.