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The China National Sanda Team in training is honoured and proud to broadcast the best in Sanda: The China National Team in training

An interview with China’s head sanda coach, Zhang Genxue

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Zhang Genxue 张根学, head coach of the China Sanda Team at the 12th World Wushu Championships, Malaysia. Translation by Amy Loa

An interview with Taiji World Champion, Zhuang Jiahong (HKG)

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Zhuang Jiahong from the Hong Kong Wushu Team, 17 years old. Gold medal winner at the World Junior Wushu Championships, Turkey/2014 and the World Taijiquan Championships, Sichuan/2014. More info on the Hong Kong Wushu Team here. This interview was filmed at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, December 2014