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Interview with Shaanxi First Team Sanda coach, Bi Ye

Part of the summer coverage of the Shaanxi First Team in training 2016.  

An interview with Wing Chun Sifu, Wai

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Sifu Wai, one of the longest followers of Ip Chun, the son of the legend Ip Man. At the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, Hong Kong 2015

Male Jianshu highlights of the European Wushu Championships, 2014

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the Male Jianshu event at the European Wushu Championships (straight sword) Bucharest 2014. Ranking: 1. Andrey Soloviev (RUS), 2. Dmytro Panasiuk (UKR), 3. John Nun Tang (NL), 4. Sam Mak (GB), 5 Pavel Muratov (RUS)

British Sanda Fight Night 7 March 2015 Highlights

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the British Sanda Fight Night for British, European and World title. 7 March 2015 – BCCMA

The best of European Sanda 2014

The best of Sanda at the European Wushu Championships, Bucharest 2014

World and European Changquan highlights

Wushu Sport presents: Changquan highlights from the World and European Championships – Long Fist