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The Best of Sanda 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: The best of Sanda and the best of World and European Sanda 2013-2014, only on Featuring athletes from around the world and the Macao, Shaanxi and China National Sanda Team in training together with comments from Muslim Salikhov, Shrok Zaky, Zhang Genxue, Li Zhi Qin and Pan Yan.

A session with China National Sanda Coach, Zhang Fei – 2016

Zhang Fei is now the China National Sanda coach. Here he is coaching Throws, Hand and Leg techniques to the Shaanxi First team in Xian, China  

The best of Gunshu and Daoshu 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the World and European Gunshu and Daoshu events – 2013/2014.

Highlights of the European Sanda Finals, 2014

Wushu Sport presents: highlights of The Sanda Finals – European Wushu Championships, 2014 Become part of the Wushu Sport family –

Male Gunshu event, Bucharest 2014

Coming up next on Wushu Sport : Male Gunshu highlights at the European Wushu Championships, 2014

The Shaanxi Sanda First Team, 2016 coverage

Some of the best sanda fighters in the world: the Shaanxi First team in training – Xian, China. Part of a new collection of wushu videos filmed on location in Xian and Henan China. Featuring: China National Coach: Zhang Fei, Shaanxi First Team Coach: Bi Ye, World Champions: Zhang Kun, Meng Xin, Wu Xiong, Xu Jia… Read more »

The Henan Wushu Team in training 2016

The Henan Taolu Team in training 2016 in Zhengzhou, China interview with coaches and athletes coming up soon.

An interview with Henan Team Head Coach, Nie Jiang Guo is proud to interview one of the best taolu coaches in China, Shifu Nie Jiang Guo, head coach of the Henan 1st team.

Doubles Taiji performance Xian presents: The Shaanxi Taiji Team in training – Doubles Taiji Performance