The team

Wushu Sport representatives:

China: Chen Lei | Middle-East: Osama Shaban | Bulgaria (Sanda): Kristian Andonov | Belgium: Dany Souffriau, Johan Lewi

Head of Public Relations: Jia Luo

Amy Luo


Amy is born and raised in China. She is surrounded by her family and friends who are practicing traditional Chinese medicine and Wushu. She deeply believes in the disciplines and wish to introduce the great wisdom to people outside of China.

Jia Luo – Head of Public Relations, Wushu Sport




Chen Lei graduated with a Master’s Degree in Sports and Leisure Management from Loughborough University in the UK in 2003, and graduated with a BA and a Master’s Level in Chinese Martial Arts from Beijing Sport University in 2000.

He has been working in the sports and culture industry for the last ten years, and specializes in international sports, culture and arts events and study programs through his company SCIC Beijing.

Chen Lei – China representative, Wushu Sport