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Founder and Directors of Wushu Sport TV:

Amir-Alan Winner and Salie Lewi


Wushu Sport TV is a non-profit organisation. It aims to cover all major championships and events. The team travels around the world to film documentaries and interview all the best athletes and coaches. We offer the opportunity to become part of the Wushu Sport Team to anyone who loves Wushu, Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Shaolin and has a passion for broadcasting.

Send your CV to wushusport[a]thealanwinneracademy.com (change [a] into @)

Sifu Alan Winner, President of Wushu Sport TV

Sifu Alan WinnerWushu Sport TV has been created to promote the sport and show the world how beautiful and beneficial Wushu can be. Wushu is a complete system in regards to health, discipline, strength and relaxation which will enhance the individual’s will-power and determination to succeed. This can be easily gained through the regular practice of the different disciplines Wushu has to offer (Sanda, Taolu, Taiji, Qigong and Meditation). Wushu can help the individual connect and relate to their higher self which will enhance their day-to-day performance and guide them to greater success.

It is sifu Alan Winner’s aim to make the world see those points and to bring Wushu to schools as part of the children’s education as it can have a huge impact on the children’s future success. Without a doubt or hesitation Wushu will make tomorrow’s world healthier, happier and more enjoyable.

Wushusport.tv has also been created to support the young promising athletes as 60% of profit will be set aside to support their progress.

Sifu Alan Winner – President, Wushu Sport


Salie Lewi wushu sport For 17 years now Wushu has been my life. From competing for my country to training new athletes I still love every aspect of it. So when my husband and coach Alan woke up with the idea to start a television station that would focus only on Wushu, Chinese Martial Arts and the philosophies and history that lies beneath all our training, I immediately gave my full support and promised him I would do all I could to help him make wushusport.tv a success.

Salie Lewi – Director, Wushu Sport