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An interview with Macao Athlete, Li Yi presents: An interview with Li Yi from Macao Wushu Team, silver medallist, World Championships 2013 and Asia Games 2014

The Best of Taiji 2013-2014 presents: Highlights of the last World and the last European Wushu Championships 2013-2014 – Taiji
with comments from athletes: Lee Yang (Malaysia), Delphine Tran (France) and Abigail Man (Netherlands)

The gala of the European Wushu Championships, 2014 presents: The gala of the European Wushu Championships, Bucharest 2014
Sanda, Taolu, hard work and good times
Athletes comments by Daria Tarasova (RUS), Yves Landu (FRA), Kocak Omer (TUR), Ganna Tereshchenko (UKR), Semion Udelov (RUS), Maksym Danchenko (UKR) and Miroslava Mala (UKR)

An interview with Liu Tao and The Hong Kong Wushu Team

An interview with head coach Liu Tao and the Hong Kong Wushu Team in training, featuring Geng Xiao Ling, Yuen Kaying and Zhuang Jiahong at the Hong Kong Sports Institute Wushu Department – December 2014

The Best of World Jianshu and Qiangshu 2013 presents: highlights of the World Straightsword and Spear events – 2013

The China National Sanda Team in training is honoured and proud to broadcast the best in Sanda: The China National Team in training

The Best of Sanda 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: The best of Sanda and the best of World and European Sanda 2013-2014, only on

Featuring athletes from around the world and the Macao, Shaanxi and China National Sanda Team in training together with comments from Muslim Salikhov, Shrok Zaky, Zhang Genxue, Li Zhi Qin and Pan Yan.

An interview with Belgium National Wushu Coach, Marc Theeboom presents: An interview with Marc Theeboom, European Gold Medallist in Qiangshu (spear) 1994 and current Belgium National Team Coach, together with performances from the Belgian Wushu Team.

An interview with Wushu Champions, Thim and Khai from the Netherlands

Wushu Sport presents: An interview with Thim Xiaolung and Khai Li from the Netherlands at the Open Flanders Wushu Cup 2015