World Wushu Championships

Wushu Sport covers all major IWuF championships

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The Best of Wushu Weapons presents The Best of Wushu Weapons. With comments form Sam Mak (GB) and Ganna Tereshchenko (UKR)


clips from the World Wushu Championships, Malaysia, National China Sanda Team, Shaanxi First team. Comments from the Iran Sanda coach and and National China Team athlete, Zhang Luan

2013 World Champions: gold, silver and bronze – part one

Geng Xiao Ling, Jia Rui, Dong Thuy Vi and Wang xi

The Best of Taiji 2013-2014 presents: Highlights of the last World and the last European Wushu Championships 2013-2014 – Taiji with comments from athletes: Lee Yang (Malaysia), Delphine Tran (France) and Abigail Man (Netherlands)

The Best of World Jianshu and Qiangshu 2013 presents: highlights of the World Straightsword and Spear events – 2013

The Best of World Championship Sanda

Wushu Sport presents: highlights of the World Sanda event – 2013.

The best of Nandao and Nangun 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: highlights of the World and European Nangun and Nandao events – 2013/2014.

The best of Gunshu and Daoshu 2013-2014

Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of the World and European Gunshu and Daoshu events – 2013/2014.

This is Nanquan

The standard of Wushu is great and it can only get better. Wushu Sport presents: Highlights of European and World Wushu championships – Nanquan, Southern hand form